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Going solar is one of the best investments you can make

It not only can save you thousands on energy costs but will also increase your property value all while benefiting the environment. At Jiles Roofing and Solar, we stay up to date on the latest solar technology so that our customers get to benefit the most from our services. Whether you are looking to move your house off the grid or move your home toward more sustainable energy usage, a solar power system can be a huge benefit for your home. For professional and reliable solar power services in San Antonio and North Austin, get a free quote with Jiles Roofing and Solar today!

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Solar Power Services In Texas

Reduce your energy bill and increase your homes value with Jiles Solar Power. We are proud to be serving the greater Houston and Austin, Tx areas


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With a solar panel system, you’ll generate free power for your system’s entire 25+ year lifespan. That’s a long time of not paying for electricity and has the potential to help you save thousands every year. Going solar will reduce your utility bills which means more money in your pocket every month.

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Electricity costs continue to rise each year. By going solar, you lock in the cost you will pay for electricity for years to come and avoid the constant rate increases — helping your energy to be significantly more affordable over time.

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It’s easy to see why homes with solar sell for more than homes without. Minimal to no electricity costs are a huge draw for potential buyers and drastically increase the value of your home no matter the market conditions!

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Going solar not only benefits your wallet, it benefits the environment by reducing carbon emissions. A typical residential solar panel system will eliminate three to four tons of carbon emissions each year—the equivalent of planting over 100 trees annually.

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Our Solar Services


We install new systems on a variety of roof types. Our technicians are NABCEP Certified, meaning you get a high-quality, reliable system installed that will last for years to come. And, every new system is backed by our industry-leading warranty meaning you aren’t just getting some of the best products in the industry, but also some of the best product protection. If you have any questions about our system installation and equipment options, reach out to us today.


We can evaluate and repair any solar system, whether it was installed by our team or another company. If you’ve just experienced a big storm or are having troubles with your system, our experts are able to inspect, diagnose, and repair your system so that you can once again rely on your new electricity source. For more information about our solar power system evaluation and repairs, reach out to us today!


Installing a solar power system for your home is a big decision financially, but, in our opinion, is completely worth it! We understand this is a big investment, which is why we provide a variety of financing options available to every customer. Whether you are installing a partial system or a complete solar power system, we can help you figure out the finances so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Contact us for more information on financing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is solar possible for my home?

There are many factors that will determine if you are a good candidate for solar including the orientation of your roof, how much shade your home gets, the angle of your roof, as well as the material and size of your roof. However, in many cases there are workarounds if your home doesn’t have the ideal solar roof. Contact us for a consultation and we will send a technician to determine if your roof is compatible.

What are the financial benefits of solar energy?

Installing a solar energy system on your home can save you money on your electricity bills and lock in your energy expense to combat the rising rates in the future. It will also increase the value of your property.

What are the environmental benefits?

Going solar reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change, and also results in fewer air pollutants like sulfur dioxide and particulate matter, which can cause health problems.

Should I replace my roof before going solar?

Because Solar Energy Systems last 25-30 years, you want your roof to be in good shape prior to installing the system. Otherwise, it can be costly to remove the system to make roof repairs. Luckily, we offer roofing services and can assist you prior to installing your system.

How long will my system last?

Solar panels are very durable. The various components of your solar power system will need to be replaced at different times but your system should continue to function for 25 to 35 years.