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Whether you are looking to go green or off the grid, looking to replace your aging roof, or repairing storm damage, you can trust Jiles Roofing to take care of you and your home. With more than 20 years of combined experience in both the roofing and solar industries, we are committed to providing our customers with some of the best services in San Antonio and Northern Austin. From residential to commercial properties, our staff are incredible at what they do. Fill out the form on the right to get started with your roofing and solar power system installation or repair today!

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We are a family-owned business and every one of our customers becomes a part of our family. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. Solar power technology is changing almost every day, so why would you want to install outdated equipment? Our team has a combined 20 years of experience in the industry and stays up to date on new innovations and technology to make sure we are bringing you the latest and greatest. If you are looking for roofing and solar services that help your home to function for the long run, get started with Jiles today.

At Jiles Solar and Roofing, our standards are high and we don’t leave a job site until the work is done right. Whether it’s installing solar panels, repairing storm damage, or installing a new roof, if you aren’t happy with our work, neither are we. Our staff are experts in their field and are committed to delivering you a roof or solar power system you can be proud of and rely on. We look forward to working with you so reach out to us and get started with your roofing services today!

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Residential Roofing Services

Your roofing is an invaluable aspect of your home. From keeping your home dry to directing water away from your foundation, you need it to be functioning properly all the time. If your roof is growing old and needs to be replaced or you have recently experienced storm damage to your roofing, we can help. We offer all-around residential roofing services so that you can rest assured you are getting the best bang for your buck. We don’t skimp on our services, so you can only expect the best from us.

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Residential Solar Services

Solar power is picking up steam on the residential front — and for good reason. Texas has plenty of sunlight every year, making it a reliable source for solar energy. If you are looking to go solar, whether it’s to be more energy efficient, move to an off-grid configuration, or both, we provide some of the best residential solar services in Texas. Already solar but are in need of repair? We can help with that too. Our team of experts is ready to provide you with the solar repairs you need for your home! Get started with Jiles Roofing & Solar Power today.

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Commercial Roofing Services

From warehouses to offices, you depend on your roofing to protect you and your employees while giving you confidence in the integrity of your property. At Jiles Roofing, we specialize in caring for your commercial roofing needs. Whether it’s time for your roofing to be replaced or you have suffered roofing damage, our experts can get your roof back into working shape. Questions about our commercial roofing services? Don’t hesitate to reach out. Get started with your roofing services in San Antonio and North Austin today!

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