About Jiles Roofing and Solar Power in Texas

The Jiles Family

Meet The Jiles Family

At Jiles Solar & Roofing it is our mission to ensure every customer walks away happy with our work. No job is complete until it meets the highest standards. We treat every job as if it were for a member of our family because when you work with Jiles, you become a part of the family.

Speaking of family, here’s a little bit about us. We are Jay, Thomas, and Ashlyn and we are a small close knit, Texas family.

Our grandfather was a musician, known as the Big Bopper, in the 50’s. He was an innovator and did amazing things during his short life. We never met him physically because he passed away before we were born. We were raised to know him by people that knew him and the legacy he left behind. He has always a huge inspiration to us and is the reason behind the name of our business, Jiles, as that was his first name.

Our parents serve as another inspiration in our life. They raised us to always follow our dreams and do what makes us happy. The most important thing we were taught was to live life to the fullest, treat people right, and dream big.

In our spare time we love spending time floating the river, listening to live music, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors and all that Texas has to offer. We strive to continue our Grandfather’s legacy by working hard, dreaming big, and never walking away from a job until is done right.