Should You Schedule a Roof Inspection After a Storm?

As a homeowner, you know how important it is to maintain your roof in good condition. But what about after a storm? After a storm, it's especially important to inspect your roof for any potential damage. With this in mind, the team at Jiles Solar and Roofing is sharing a few reasons why you should schedule a roof inspection after a storm in today’s post. Learn more below, then contact us today!

a roof working in safety gear inspecting a roof on scaffolding

Damage Assessment

Storms can cause extensive damage to your roof, including broken shingles, missing tiles, or water damage. A roof inspection is the best way to assess the damage and determine the necessary repairs to keep your roof in good condition.

a bucket on the floor of a living room collecting dripping water

Potential Leaks

After storm damage, roof repair may be necessary because the storm may have left your roof susceptible to leaks. A roof inspection can help identify any potential leaks, which can then be repaired before any further damage is caused.

a blue tarp on a old, sagging roof

Structural Damage

Storms can also cause structural damage to your roof, such as sagging sections or loose nails. A roof inspection can help identify any structural damage, so you can take the necessary steps to fix it.

a roofer in safety gear, adding new roof tiles to a roof

Long-Term Protection

A roof inspection can help you identify any potential issues with your roof before they become major problems. This can save you money and time in the long run, as it will help you maintain your roof in good condition and prevent any costly repairs down the road.

At Jiles Roofing & Solar, we understand the importance of a thorough roof inspection after a storm. Our experienced roofing company can provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your roof, so you can have peace of mind knowing your roof is in good condition, or whether roof installation or replacement is necessary. Contact us today to schedule your roof inspection!

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